+ Advanced Technology

Our investments in the most advanced technology extend beyond planting & harvesting--SRES precision air planters with GPS, Mirus, Greenseeker, Veris machine & Satake RGB color sorter.

+ Unequaled Dedication

Our dedicated, full-time team is well-trained in our Standard Operating Procedures and techniques for every detail in our field, lab and equipment operation.

= Agronomic Answers

You are making multi-million dollar decisions. You need confidence in the data to base your decisions on. We offer the Right Equation to provide trustworthy answers to your agronomic questions.

The KMR Difference

Why are we different?

Because we care. We care about our customers, cooperators, employees, data quality, equipment. We care about it all and it shows in the work we do and the relationships we build.

How can KMR help you?

From standard yield trials to complex agronomic studies, we work with you to find the most effective way to find the answers you are looking for to make your product advancement decisions.

What can you expect from KMR?

Creative research solutions, technology to meet a variety of needs, respectful interactions, timely field operations & data turn around as well as confidence that every effort was made to maximize your research dollar. Our committed team works long, hard hours to care for your research interests.

What do we believe in?

Bad data is worse than no data so everything we do is carefully planned to provide accurate and precise data on every plot. We believe the seed industry needs quality data and everything we do is designed to produce sound agronomic answers.

Agronomic Research

Beyond multi-location yield trials, we have the capability of meeting a wide variety of agronomic research needs. Our investment equipment and personnel provide a variety of opportunities to test your genetics and products for corn and soybean production. We are trusted as the leader in field agronomic research. Seed, biological and technology companies look to us for independent testing and advanced technology when making product advancement decisions.

When you are looking for the answers you can trust, look for the Right Equation:

Accuracy + Precision = Every Decision

Look to KMR for applied research that is both accurate (mimicking real-world performance) and precise (statistically similar). Decide to utilize KMR’s resources for your agronomic research needs. In order to deliver accurate and precise data, every decision at KMR is evaluated based on data quality. Advanced Technology, plot design, committed employees, proven producers, field locations, in-season notes, etc are a few ways we demonstrate our commitment to accuracy & precision. This is our focus because we care about your and the data we provide to you.