Career Opportunities

KMR’s past and future success rely upon dedicated, intelligent, motivated, individuals who love field research and consistently strive for perfection. We look beyond your resume to find the perfect fit.

How do you know if KMR’s equation is right for you? We love what we do and firmly believe you should too. Review the factors below to see if the KMR equation is what you desire.

Salary & Benefits

Our merit based pay system offers compensation for the work you do, regardless of length of service. We offer a competitive benefit package including 401K, Profit Sharing, Holidays, generous paid time off and many miscellaneous benefits.

Our best benefit is spending your days with a group of people who work hard, have fun together and help each other out.


We strive for a common goal. Our work is complex and can be intense but we can only accomplish our goals through clear communication and collaborating on every aspect. We all pitch in and work together for tasks large and small.


If you love to focus on details and ask questions about why or how, this is the place for you. Whether you are taking stand counts, planting or creating randomizations, we strive for perfection in every detail, every day. However, our heads are not buried in the details; we actively observe our research and are proactive in identifying future needs.


We have our goals, you do too. We want to help you achieve your goals by tailoring a position to fit your unique skillset when possible. We encourage your ideas. If you take the initiative to implement them, and the commitment to manage them, we may go places neither of us dreamed.


To be successful at KMR, take pride in doing your job well and be accountable when things don’t go well. We work together throughout the year for a common goal; we share the disappointments and rewards.


Whether you are serious about a career change or simply inquiring about our positions, your inquiry, just like our data, is strictly confidential. At KMR integrity and confidentiality are top priorities.

Learn more about permanent and seasonal positions at KMR.