We firmly believe a major factor in data quality is maximizing accuracy in a way that only reliable technology can provide. We don’t just invest in technology; we are meticulous in properly calibrating all equipment each season and keeping all equipment in top operating condition.

SRES Precision Air Planters with GPS

Plot quality starts with the planter. Farmers require picket fence stands, why should our plots be any different? From auto-steer on our tractors to GPS controlled planter functions since 2011, we use every method available to maximize accuracy on our plots.

Harvest Master HCGG

High through put combines allow for timely harvest and data turn around, but most importantly, we use the most accurate data collection system available because tenths of a pound matter!


No field is 100% the same every step. In order to account for spatial variation, we are running a Veris MSP3D machine across our locations, collecting OM%, pH and 3 depths of electrical conductivity. Just another investment KMR is making to help our customers evaluate their products.


Pioneering the use of NDVI for early season evaluations, call us to learn how NDVI could assist in your product evaluations.

Multi-boom shielded plot sprayer with GPS

Spray application in maps utilize the same maps from planting. Sprayer booms turn on and off automatically with sub-inch accuracy.

Bar Code Scanner

Inventory items are categorized and assigned a unique ID number. Entry lists are then built by scanning bar codes to ensure the correct seeds are packaged. In addition, every single plot packet is printed with a barcode and after setting a field up to plant, all packets are scanned as a quality control measure.

Satake RGB Color Sorter

We have a lab sized processing line, complete with color sorter. Genetic screening trials are only as good as the seed you put in the ground. Why waste resources running yield trials using questionable quality seed.

We have an extensive collection of additional equipment to ensure unsurpassed data quality. Contact us for more information on how our technology can meet your needs.

We often have equipment for sale, contact us if you are looking for any research equipment.